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We are providing complete Satellite Communication field services

Satellite Communication Field Services

iDirect Services

iDirect Network Audit services

  • Collect information on HUB hardware setup.
  • Collect information on HUB Software versions.
  • Review each HUB component status and configuration.
  • Capture overall Network configuration and performance.
  • Review profile and Bandwidth utilization.
  • Review each HUB component redundancy configuration,
  • Check NMS configuration backup settings.
  • Collect and check status of remotes in the network.
  • Identify major and minor alarms/concerns with the network.
  • If permitted take preventive actions for the non-critical issues.
  • Provide Network audit report with recommended corrective actions.

VSAT Relocation Services

Our team is available to perform VSAT Relocation Services, either it’s a simple Satellite migration or a complete System relocation at a different location. Our GVF certified professionals are always ready to take this challenge.

Site Surveys

The most Important and essential part of any VSAT System installation is Site Survey. Any wrong calculation or data collection may lead to complete failure of VSAT installation. Our team is fully trained to perform very basic to complex site surveys to ensure quality of Installation at a best location and considering all technical limitations.

Maintenance and Spare Parts

Telenova Networks Ltd team are well qualified to perform Preventive and Corrective maintenance of operational VSAT Links to make sure that end customers could perform their task without any disruption in the service.

Civil Works

Civil works is one of the most important factor of VSAT installation. Only quality of civil works can ensure stability of trouble free system in the long run. Telenova can support full suite of civil works and engineering tasks for your organizations on a global basis.

Detailed Reporting

After successful project completion, detailed reporting get shared with customer which includes pictures, Important data related to site, serial numbers for record, test results and screen shots of Modem menus for record.

Installation and Commissioning

Telenova Networks Ltd field engineers are experienced and commissioned various technology based system which includes ViaSat, IDirect, Newtech, Comtech EFDATA and many more.

Cabling Work

Cabling route is another important factor of VSAT installation. Our engineers are trained and experts in excellent cabling work.

Ground Work

No VSAT installation is completed if proper grounding is not get performed. Our Field engineers always make sure to properly ground the antenna and Rack to avoid any unknown and serious issues.

Custom Clearance

TELENOVA Networks Ltd also assists in Custom Clearance in many countries and assist our customer to speed up the process of installation. Please contact admin@telenovanetworks.net to get this facility

TV Channels broadcasting facility

Telenova Networks provides a wide range of services ranging from news and documentary production to satellite uplink, Playout and video streaming.

Warehouse Availability

TELENOVA Networks Ltd also provides warehouse availability for our customers to keep backup equipment with us at reasonable cost secured.

Maritime Services:

Telenova Networks is providing complete Maritime services around the globe.

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